About Avizhe

Avizhe Wood stamp by its founders, aiming to create a dedicated, committed, economic, creative , leading designer ,Construction and implementation of wood interior decoration, official and residential spaces were established.

With the goal of designing and implementing the scientific and artistic products of its products and final satisfaction, Avizhe has achieved a special position in the market to provide a distinct step in providing its services to its compatriots. Designing a variety of modern, classic and postmodern kitchen systems, designing and building up office units in order to address the needs of the employer, designing the types of entrance doors, interior and office units along with the construction, implementation, warranties and after sales of products and services It is one of the main activities of this collection.

آشپزخانه مدرن

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After nearly two decades since the establishment of this complex, with the support of our efforts , we have managed all the people who have cooperated with this complex and have managed to increase the capacity, quality of the products of the complex by extending the factory space to the area Increase 3000 square meters. By creating two exhibitions and headquarters, we will improve our products and services to our beloved companions, and we are thinking of expanding the space of production and exhibiting the capacity of the young and creative forces of Iran to increase the land. Give it

در پایان با سپاس بی انتها از تمامی همراهانی که با اعتماد به ما پایانی فراتر از انتظار خود را ، برای خود رقم زدند.

” پیشکش اعتماد شما، پایانی فراتر از اعتماد شماست “